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Mexican and South American Restaurant

At NOPALES, we pride ourselves on using fresh, seasonal ingredients to create traditional Mexican and South American dishes with a modern twist. Our dishes are curated with a focus on traditional Mexican flavors and presented in a contemporary style.

What's On!

There is something for everyone!


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Mexican Chef

Our Chef: Expert in Mexican Cuisine

Our chef is an expert in Mexican cuisine, with years of experience in curating dishes that are both traditional and innovative. He is passionate about using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create delicious and healthy meals.

“At Nopales, we try to break normal norms and infuse authentic Mexican Flavours into local ingredients. ”

Chef Santosh

Mexican Meal

Experience the Best of Mexican and South American Cuisine

A La Carte

Our main menu features a variety of dishes that highlight the best of Mexican and South American cuisine. From classic tacos to modern ceviche, there's something for everyone.

Set Menus

Our pre-set set menus are ideal for complete dining experience with us. We select the best dishes to create our most popular $79 set menu and $110 set menu for your special occasion. 


Our Bottomless Brunch and Chef's Choice Banquet includes 6 course dining paired with Margaritas is a crowd pleaser. 


We offer a variety of cocktails inspired by Mexican and South American flavors. From margaritas to mojitos, our drinks are the perfect complement to your meal.

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